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The Health and Educational Facilities Authority of the State of Missouri, created by an Act of the Missouri General Assembly and operational in 1979, is empowered to make loans to any participating health or educational institution and to refund outstanding obligations, mortgages or advances issued, made or given for the cost of facilities.

The Authority assists not-for-profit institutions in borrowing funds at the lowest possible cost to provide quality medical and educational services to Missouri residents. Interest paid on Authority bonds and notes is exempt from federal and Missouri state income taxation, resulting in materially lower interest rates for substantial savings on financing cost. Many types of health care and educational institutions across the state receive financing assistance from the Authority. Health care financings have been arranged for health facilities ranging from fewer than 100 to over 1,000 beds, including acute and primary care facilities; teaching centers, osteopathic hospitals, retirement and nursing homes, specialized care centers and alcoholic rehabilitation treatment centers. Educational financings include public universities, liberal arts colleges, major research universities and medical schools, institutions of specialized instruction, public school districts and private elementary and secondary schools.

During 1985 the Authority became authorized to assist public school districts and community colleges with loans to fund shortfalls in operating funds during the school year.

In 1988, the Authority issued a series of bonds designed to assist organizations that provide care for persons affected by mental disabilities.

During 1995, the Authority was charged with developing guidelines for and the administration of the Direct Deposit Program, which provides strong credit ratings for Missouri school districts. The Authority also developed the HELP Program, which provides low interest loans to small, rural health care and educational facilities.

The Authority’s bonds and notes do not constitute a debt or liability of the State of Missouri or of any political subdivision thereof, within the meaning of any State constitutional provision or statutory limitation. The Authority has no taxing power. The credit supporting any Authority note or bond issue is the credit of the individual borrowing institutions. The bonds and notes are limited obligations of the Authority payable solely from payments made by the borrowing institution.

The validity of the Authority’s Act was upheld by the Missouri Supreme Court inĀ Menorah Medical Center vs. Health and Educational Facilities Authority of the State of Missouri 584 S. W. 2d 73 (MO 1979).

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